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Thread: HOWTO: Install Lightscribe Software

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    HOWTO: Install Lightscribe Software

    This is a basic howto for installing Lightscribe on Ubuntu.

    Currently, I am using Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy, and I can get the application to work, however, it does not want to detect my DVD/Lightscribe burner.

    Step 1: Download Files from
    First you will need to download the 2 necessary files from here.

    Save these to your home folder, or where ever you would like.

    Step 2: Convert .RPM to .DEB
    First step, if you don't have it installed already, you will need to install Alien to convert the .rpm files to .deb. Pull up your console and type the following:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install alien

    After Alien is installed, you can covert your .rpm files. Make sure you are in the same location where you saved the .rpm files.

    sudo alien -d <file-name>.rpm

    *One of the files will give an error regarding scripts. I ignored this, which might be part of my problems, but it installed fine.

    Step 3: Install the .DEB files.
    Now, the next to last step, we will install the .DEB files. From your console you will need to be in the same folder we have been working from.

    sudo dkpg -i <file-name>.deb

    Do this command for both files.

    Step 4: Running the software.
    There are 2 forms of the software now installed, a gui version and a cli(command line) version. Pull up the run program window, Alt+F2, and type in 4L-gui to run the program.

    From here, you can browse to find the picture you wish to use on your lightscribe cd/dvd. It seems to be a very basic program however, and you will have to do all image and text editing from a different program, i.e. Gimp, and then browse for the image and line it up in the 4L-gui program.

    Please feel free to post comments and any problems so that the community can help out. I will continue to update this with feedback from you, and with my own findings.

    Hope this helps at least somoeone out there.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that hasn't read any other threads on Lightscribe, the software is not currently working with version 6.10. Both Lightscribe and Lacie have stated they tested it on version 6.06 with no problems. They are looking into getting the software to work with 6.10. I will update this post when they have updated their software, or someone develops a work around in the meantime.

    Last edited by StefAndrew; December 8th, 2006 at 02:42 PM. Reason: Add info regarding status of Lightscribe not working in Edgy.


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