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Thread: Industrial Color Pack

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    Industrial Color Pack

    Stumbled on a color pack to change the colors of the Ubuntu theme..

    Direct link:

    Industrial-Debian : light background, Red selection
    Industrial-Gentoo : white background, purple slection
    Industrial-Glacier : light background, dark grey selection
    Industrial-GONX : light background, light blue selection
    Industrial-Lighthouse : beige background, blue selection
    Industrial-SonyEricsson : white background, green selection
    Industrial-Today : light background, blue selection
    Industrial-Warning : dark background, yellow/orange selection
    Industrial-Zeta : light background, blue/purple selection.
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    Re: Industrial Color Pack

    Ha! Perfect!

    I was just going to start a new topic to see if anyone had found something like these. Thanks!

    Maybe I'll add one, a little more greyish-blue...... call it "Ubluntu".
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