Hi there,

This tutorial looks really thorough, but before I jump into it I wanted to check that it's what I need!

I have an Ubuntu box setup mostly for media - MythTV and playing music. At the moment I have my music collection on the local harddrive of the Ubuntu box.

I have just bought a NAS - it's a D-Link DNS-320 and I presume it's running Linux under the hood. I've got it connected to my Windows XP machine OK and it's mapped to a drive letter on the Windows machine.

On the Ubuntu machine, if I go to Places > Network the NAS shows up fine under the name I've given it, The-Library (the only slightly odd behaviour is that it appears as both The-Library-1 and THE-LIBRARY). I didn't have to do anything to get to this state - it seemed to automatically be there first time I booted up the machine after putting the NAS on the network.

So, what I want to do is to set up my Ubuntu machine so that the NAS can be consistently accessed in the same place. This would mean, for example, that I could tell Rhythmbox that the default location to rip CDs to (and to look for its library) is, say, "volume_1 on THE-LIBRARY/Media/Music/".

As a result I'm not sure whether I need to do anything at all! If this will work OK and the NAS will consistently show up at the same location then I can happily shift my music library over to the NAS and forget about it. But being new to this I wanted to check whether there was a reason why I might want to do a bit more than that.

Thanks in advance,