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Thread: You have received an infraction at Ubuntu Forums

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    Re: You have received an infraction at Ubuntu Forums

    I'm moving this to the Resolution Center. You were given several friendly warnings and you have persisted. I will back aysiu up on this.

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    Re: You have received an infraction at Ubuntu Forums

    ====Forum Resolution Center====
    At this point, this thread is in the Forum Resolution Center. Only the original poster (l33tbuntuhaxor) and Administrators should participate in this discussion.

    As stated by the Forum Guidelines (,
    Please refrain from using "leet" speak or slang. These forums are a tool for communication, which will be obfuscated by those types of writing.

    leet speak and other slang is not allowed on the forums in order to make it easier for the forums to be read. And "if you don't like it just don't read it" is not a good counter-argument -- as forum staff, we basically read every word that gets posted on the forums to make sure the forum guidelines are being followed. Reading your thread gives me a headache...

    In this case, I authorized an infraction to be used because, from the information given to me by the staff, you have already been given at least one warning to stop using leet speak, and you did not comply.
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