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Thread: Bibus just... keeps going...

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    Bibus just... keeps going...

    I installed Bibus. After searching the forums apparently this was a masterful feat and I did it! w00t! But I installed Bibus and... I go to make a new source and it needs to be a web source "www" Great. Well... I'm using APA style so I need more than just "url" I figure out how to change that in prefs, not too hard, go back and try to make it again, I type in all the information, and all this time I did not notice...

    The "ok" and "cancel" buttons are gone. You see, the screen that pops up, just keeps going down down down... Attached is a screen shot. Some of the reference types do this, some don't and perfectly normal, sitting where it should be is the "footer" of this window with the "ok" and the "cancel."

    What a way to get a student out of the habit of using electronic resources, huh?

    Any help?
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