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Thread: Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots

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    Re: Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots

    heres my setup.
    just put it all together today from browsing this thread

    # border width
    border_width 10
    # Default colors and also border colors
    default_color white
    # Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
    own_window yes
    own_window_transparent yes
    own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
    # Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
    double_buffer yes
    # Text alignment, other possible values are commented
    #alignment top_left
    #alignment top_right
    alignment bottom_left
    #alignment bottom_right
    # Xft font when Xft is enabled
    xftfont Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:size=9
    # Text alpha when using Xft
    xftalpha 0.10
    # Update interval in seconds
    update_interval 5.0
    own_window_colour brown
    own_window_transparent yes
    # Gap between borders of screen and text
    gap_x 10
    gap_y 40
    # stuff after 'TEXT' will be formatted on screen
    ${color #246eb5}SYSTEM ${hr 2}$color
    Ubuntu  (7.10)  Gutsy Gibbeon
    ${time %e %B %G} ${alignr}Uptime: $uptime
    ${color #246eb5}POWER ${hr 2}$color
    Adapter Stat: ${acpiacadapter}	
    Battery Info: ${battery}
    ${color #246eb5}CORE ${hr 2}$color
    ${exec cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | sort -u | cut -c 18-59}
    CPU1:  ${cpu cpu1}%  ${freq} MHz$color  CPU2:  ${cpu cpu2}%  ${freq} MHz$color
    ${cpubar cpu1 5,120} ${cpubar cpu2 5,120}
    RAM:   $memperc%  ${mem} / ${memmax}$color
    ${membar 5,120}  ${alignr}Temp:$color ${acpitemp} C
    ${color #246eb5}TOP PROCESSES ${hr 2}$color
    NAME                PID    CPU%   MEM%
    ${top name 1} ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1}
    ${top name 2} ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}
    ${top name 3} ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3}
    ${color #246eb5}MEMORY ${hr 2}$color
    Root/ ${alignr}${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}
    ${fs_bar 5,120 /}
    Windows ${alignr}${fs_used /media/Windows}/${fs_size /media/Windows}
    ${fs_bar 5,120 /media/Windows}
    Data  ${alignr}${fs_used /media/sdb1}/${fs_size /media/sdb1}
    ${fs_bar 5,120 /media/sdb1}
    ${color #246eb5}AMAROK ${hr 2}$color
    ${if_running amarokapp}
    ${voffset -3}${color 246eb5}Artist:$alignc${if_empty execi 10 dcop amarok player artist}$alignc${color wheat1}Music Stopped $else${color wheat1}${execi 10 dcop amarok player artist}$endif
    ${voffset -3}${color 246eb5}Title:$alignc${color wheat1}${execi 10 dcop amarok player title}
    ${voffset -3}${color 246eb5}Time:$alignc${color wheat1}${execi 1 dcop amarok player currentTime} / ${execi 10 dcop amarok player totalTime} 
    ${voffset -3}${color 246eb5}Album:$alignc${color wheat1}${execi 10 dcop amarok player album}$endif${font }
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