A couple of quick questions (the answers may be hidden within all of these pages, but I couldn't find them):

a. Is there a way to prevent some of the indicators from jumping around a bit, horizontally? To better explain, as my CPU usage changes, percent-wise, it could be displayed as either a 1, 2 or 3 digit number. When the usage jumps from say, 1% to 20%, everything shifts over one character.

Is there a way to "fix" the position of indicators and their text labels? Or perhaps change the format to display as three digits (i.e. a range of 000-100%)? Just to keep things in place / from jumping about as memory and CPU usage fluctuates.

b. How does one bold a specific span of text. I'd like to give each "section" in my setup a bolded title, in the same font/color as all of the other text.

c. How does one set a specific set length for an fs_bar element? The only way that I can control this at present is to put only 1 fs_bar per line, and control it via the width of the entire conky display.

d. This one isn't so important, as I found a transparent look that I liked. But still... how does one get a solid background, and what exactly controls the color of that background? It's funny, as some people seemed to be having a problem with transparency. I can't get rid of it (I swear I even set the transparency setting to off, and nothing happened).

If it helps any, I'm using KDE.


And thanks to everyone who posted all of the examples in the previous posts, as those really helped me out.