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  1. A touch of Teo to get the weather forecast out of Hong Kong.
  2. A touch of Habitual to get the world map;
    1. cron job updates the map every 30 minutes with a bash script
    2. night shadow moved across the screen.
    3. the clouds are updated every three hours

  3. Conky ${tztime} gets the city date and time and compares 'date' with NZ to change colours as they pass midnight to a new day

From Buenos Aires:
18:32 - last night - on the left it's running alone with just one other conky: a CPU usage checker - obviously between cycles.
11:14 - today - on the right - night shadow moved nicely ... cloud change very noticeable as well.

Took a long time the clouds kept getting in the way, final tweaks at night where the clear sky allowed the + to be moved over the city lights.

Thank you guys, interesting conky indeed. Tokyo just changed date!
That's pretty cool. Just out of curiosity, what exactly is the weather condition "fine"?