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Thread: Which HDD do I keep???

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    Which HDD do I keep???

    I have been thinking about this and it's kind of funny. I have an older Dell Precision T3500 that I got at a really good price. So far I have maxed out the ram (24gb) and that's about it. The ram is maxed out with two different brands of memory (that I had on hand) and it's working, but I will upgrade it "correctly" after I upgrade the HDD.

    What I have in here is a 500gb 7200rpm WD BLue (WD5000AAKX) and I also have a spare 2.5" WD Blue 1TB 5400rpm (WD10JPVT) on my shelf collecting dust. The 500gb has a 16mb buffer and the 1tb has a 8mb buffer. I am wondering which one I should go with as a secondary. Will there be much of a speed difference between the two? I am replacing the 500gb (current main drive) with an Intel 256gb SSD drive. I know the question is kind of apples and oranges but I am looking at using the secondary drive as a work area to compile and test android builds out on.


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