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Thread: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors

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    Re: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors


    First of all: Welcome to ubuntuforums.

    No offense, but if you post stuff from the terminal please put it in a code box (the # button in the post editor) instead of using quote boxes. It keeps the posts smaller and prevents smilies.
    code box :)
    That said, it seems you're also using a self compiled lm-sensors. A lot has happened since October 2004 and unless your hardware is so new that the lm-sensors in the ubuntu repository doesn't support the sensor chips in your machine yet, there is no need to compile the lm-sensors from

    I just installed a fresh ubuntu 11.10 and all I neded to do was:

    1: Open a terminal and do
    sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
    2: Do
    sudo sensors-detect
    Unless you have run sudo sensors-detect before, answer all questions with "yes" (default for all but the last question).

    3: Do
    sudo service module-init-tools start
    or reboot (both have the same effect).

    4: Do
    and you'll see the output of the sensors that have been found on your machine.

    If at step 2 you answered the last question with "no", you'll need to ad the sensors sensors-detect found to /etc/modules manually. Open /etc/modules in an editor
    gksudo gedit /etc/modules
    and copy+paste what sensors-detect found for you (between the #----cut here---- lines).

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Blue View Post
    It was a bit of both. Tried the repo version but that didn't recognise my sensors (it was a fairly new setup at the time), and went to to see if there was anything there that hadn't filtered down into the repos yet. I compiled it from there and eventually I'd managed to coax it into working, which its now stopped.

    I'm going to guess then the best thing to do is try and purge my system of all this stuff and reinstall from the repos to see if they now work? I guess sudo aptitude remove lm-sensors --purge will uninstall anything added by the repos but removing the stuff I compiled?

    Thanks for your help
    That's what I'd do. I rarely compile stuff and can't remember uninstalling something I complied, ever. But if I'd have to, I'd try using synaptic.
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