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Thread: Folding@Home - Bandwidth Usage?

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    Folding@Home - Bandwidth Usage?

    Just wondering about the bandwidth usage of the Folding@Home client. We actually have a rather nice OpenSSI cluster set up in a guy's room at college, and can't think of anything suitably intensive for it.

    The problem here is that JCU internet access costs arms and legs (more specifically, $22 AUD/gig.) We think that running Folding@Home is a suitably worthwhile cause, but as stereotypical university students we are obliged to spend as little as possible.

    Can anyone actually running the client shed some light on this?

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    Re: Folding@Home - Bandwidth Usage?

    Not sure about Folding @ Home but most of these type of grid computing programs move only a few hundred KBytes at the start and finish of a work unit.
    Your bandwidth will depend on how fast your computer handles a work unit.

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    Re: Folding@Home - Bandwidth Usage?

    The download for each WU is about 250-500KB the upload 1.5-2.5MB make a test run how many WUs the machines finish a day and you will see.
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    Re: Folding@Home - Bandwidth Usage?

    Why not get your own connection for the Uni, it's rediculous paying $22 per Gig, I got my Gran on $15 per month for 1GB (Wireless) and I'm sure if you wanted more it would work out cheaper still.
    PM me if you want more info,


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