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Thread: GaussSum cannot call gnuplot

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    GaussSum cannot call gnuplot

    Hi all,

    I've just installed GaussSum-1.0.5 along with gnuplot-4.0 on my ibook, and got to them to work separately, but am having trouble creating plots from within GaussSum.

    The error message I get in my terminal window when I request "" from the GaussSum GUI is:

    sh: line 1: /Users/kristine/Desktop/GaussSum-1.0.5/gnuplot400/bin/wgnuplot.exe: No such file or directory
    The problem I think is in the script. At the moment, it has the wrong settings directory for calling gnuplot (gnuplot is installed in /usr/local/bin).

    Can anyone advise me on how to change those settings in python?



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    Re: GaussSum cannot call gnuplot

    GaussSum 1.0.5 isn't in Ubuntu so I'm assuming you got it from the GaussSum website. It also would appear that you are using the Windows .zip file. I think you will find that if you install GaussSum from the Ubuntu it will work better for you.

    On second thought, it looks more like you are running it in OS X. In that case I'd grab the Linux .tar.gz file from the GaussSum website. If it still can't find Gnuplot, go into File->Settings and change the path to gnuplot.

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    Re: GaussSum cannot call gnuplot

    Thanks! I've gone to File>Settings and changed the directory and it works now! I completely overlooked that in the GaussSum gui


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