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Thread: Dual Boot on Two Drives

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    Re: Dual Boot on Two Drives

    title Windows NT/2000/XP (loader)
    map (hd0,0) (hd2,0)
    map (hd2,0) (hd0,0)
    rootnoverify (hd2,0)
    chainloader +1

    Did it for me, Thank you very much! I appreciate it

    Next up... The ATI Catalyst drivers which kill my display (2-3 times now)!
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    Exclamation URGENT! - Re: Dual Boot on Two Drives - URGENT!

    ! ! ! URGENT HELP NEEDED ! ! !

    I know absolutely nothing about Ubuntu/Linux OSs...

    I dunno if I should start a dedicated thread regarding my problem, or just complain () here?

    I will start here, and if mods or Admin decides to move it toits own thread, so be it...

    As I stated, I know absolutely minimal info about Ubuntu/Linux... other than it is safe, and very tweakable.

    I need to run Adobe CS4 Master Collection on my box, so I thought I would run VirtualBox, or something similar on Ubuntu and run Vista off it, so I could use the Adobe suite.

    VirtualBox gave me a really small screen, which does no justice to any graphic designer. Anyway, I could not allocate more than 128MB of my 1GB gc to VirtualBox anyway... As for ram issues, that is another thing... I could successfully only allocate just under half my 8GB ram to the virtual box (or was that maximum upto half?).

    Ok, my conundrum...

    I have installed Ubuntu a couple of days ago, not realising I would need to dual-boot in the future.

    After my problem of not getting the desired results with VirtualBox, I decided to do a dual-boot and run everything on Ubuntu, and use Vista (on the dual) solely for graphic/multimedia design purposes.

    So far I have tried Googling for dual-booting, with Ubuntu installed first, and came across these links:

    I have followed the last link's instructions, as it seemed the most straightforward.

    I get stuck on Step #7

    I get the error that I can't use that partition to install Vista on...

    So, I then added my spare HDD to see if I could install it on that... Same problem!

    Mind you, I now have two HDDs in my box. One 320GB SATA with Ubuntu installed onto it. Following the instructions in the above link, I gave my Ubuntu 30GB and the rest was formatted while trying to setup Vista on it.

    The second is a 200GB IDE, partitioned (previously) to 150GB/50GB with the jumper set to Cable Select.

    One last note, when I tried installing onto the IDE HDD, Windows' setup did not detect the partitioned part of the SATA HDD (or did it not detect the IDE at all??? Now I am confused! I will check now, and be back in 10-20 minutes. But if the problem lies elsewhere, please do not wait for me to come back. Just say your mind already ).

    I know, you are probably going to say, "Go ask a Microsoft forum!", but I somehow trust the folk here more, than I could any MS forum...

    Now, I would like to ask the geeks and/or nerds here at UbuntuForums, if they could please help me resolve my predicament... (btw, I am surprised there are no emotes for "geek" or "nerd" here.. I may have to design one once I get the Vista part running, and run it past Admin here

    EDIT: I checked the HDD, and I forgot to plug the other end of the IDE cable into the motherboard

    Anyway, I plugged it in, tried it with Cable Select and Master the switches... Both not working...

    I wrote down the error/warning message in Windows setup this time, maybe this may shed some light?

    When I select the partition, it says:
    This computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.

    When I click the Install (or was it the 'Next') button:
    Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation.

    Now, in light of the first message, I tried looking at the BIOS settings to see if I could get the HDD to be detected manually, and I failed
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