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Thread: Dual Boot on Two Drives

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    Re: Dual Boot on Two Drives

    Quote Originally Posted by sirius10 View Post
    Hey, I have the same problem. 2 hardiscks - 2 operating systems. First is Ubuntu, 2nd is WinXP. I waited for Grub to show the menu in which I would choose the OS but it only tells me to press ESC to enter the menu. I did so and WinXP it's not even listed! I'm a fresh Ubuntu/Linux user, I didn't even knew till today that there should have been a menu... I booted different OS by changing info in BIOS! Please, is there anyone there who could help me? Maybe enlight me a little bit? And, something else: I read somewhere else that is not a good idea to install Windows after Ubuntu (but I just found out that too...) Is it true? Help, help, help!
    Maybe this thread can help:
    Ignore the section on disconnecting drives, already have Ubuntu & Windows installed, you might just want to try adding the Windows entry manually to your /boot/grub/menu.lst.

    You might want to open a terminal(Applications---Accessories---Terminal), enter:
    sudo fdisk -l
    The -l is a small "L"

    cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
    menu.lst is short for menu.list, not menu.first

    Post the output of the above 2 commands, if you can't get Windows to boot from the link I gave you.
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