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Thread: Howto Get Eyetoy Webcam working for Ubuntu

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    Re: Howto Get Eyetoy Webcam working for Ubuntu

    to patsfan: `uname -r` often embedded in another command surrounded by back ticks (as here), returns your kernel version number - so you can reference the right stuff for your kernel.
    to k3v1nf: try "ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra/" - this will probably show you ov51x-jpeg.ko
    "sudo insmod" that/those, rather than the ones in the instructions.

    kopete & xawtv still hang for me, and camorama still shows me 3 elongated images, side by side. If I take a snapshot I get 6, slightly ghosted - cropped & quality reduced copy attached, but it was originally 640*480, with the bottom 160 or so rows black

    I tried this version:
    as ghandi2 - I get similar errors - googling suggested replacing MODULE_PARM(whatever, "i") with module_param(whatever, int, 0) for my kernel (2.6.17), which compiles clean, apart from ov51x.c:282:MODULE_PARM(unit_video, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(OV511_MAX_UNIT_VIDEO) "i");
    which is a little different, and I don't know how to replace.

    Help please!!
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