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Thread: Online Spanish Dictionary

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    Online Spanish Dictionary

    I didn't know where to put this question, but as the cafe is the one that gets the most reads I decided to put it here.

    I have one question, I'm a spanish native speaker and the dictionary that comes with Ubuntu doesn't have spanish-to-spanish dictionary it only has spanish-to-english dictionary, so I've tried to find an online spanish dictionary, and I've found it, the Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy) has a firefox plugin (a java script) that goes into the bookmark toolbar next to getting started, when you select a word in a web-page and you click the "bookmark" it takes you to the definition in their website, my question is, How can I use that script within ubuntu, not only in firefox, and have it display the results in a window without opening firefox. The script looks like this:

    javascript:Qr=document.getSelection();if(!Qr){void (Qr=prompt('Diccionario%20de%20la%20Real%20Academi a%20Espa%C3%83%C2%B1ola.%20Vig%C3%83%C2%A9sima%20s egunda%20edici%C3%83%C2%B3n.%20Teclee%20la%20palab ra%20que%20desea%20consultar:',''))}if(Qr)location .href=''+esc ape(Qr)+' '
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    Actually, this is a question I've had, too. Did you post your query in Spanish in another Spanish-only forum (since 2005)? Any answer? I've used RAE, personally, but find it less convenient than an actual dictionary. The RAE is a bit better than most things in print, where up-to-date Latin American dialect is concerned -- although frankly they ALL bite bricks. Western Hemisphere Spanish seems to be extremely vibrant and rapidly changing these days. You'd think post-modern Spanish lexicography would be important to Spanish-speakers who use Ubuntu, so there must be SOME tools around??
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    Re: Online Spanish Dictionary

    Have you got the answer? I am looking forward to yours.

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    Re: Online Spanish Dictionary

    I tend to use for some Portuguese-to-english and vice versa translations and it does an O.K. job. Have you tried it before?
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