Dear Ubuntu Resolution Center,
Earlier today I posted a thread with the title
"If It Doesnt Work This Time Its To The Garbage Bin". And I was lambasted all over by members and one moderator. The topic mind you was made this way so as to get a serious response from members and staff. Because previously I posted 5 threads about my problem (which is the installation process) and I was treated like a rubbish and was told things that Tom Sawyer would have gotten his fron teeth knocked out by his aunt polly. The same thing happened again only this time everyone got pissed because I was more up front this time so as to be taken seriously rather than being treated like a ......! A moderator by the name of matthew come in and started acting immature towards me, locked my thread and told to to create another (you will see it in the above link). So I created another explaining my intentions and what actions I might do because of his uncalled for action and he placed my thread in the jail and said its a fight I want. And then gave me a link to come here. So I took the liberty to post this thread so as to let you know what is going on. I hope you come to professional and right thinking action towards my complaint. Here is the link to the second thread that was taken to custody by matthew.
His unprofessional behavior and abuse of power is tainting the positive nature of the ubuntu company. I trust that you will reach a suitable stand point ad that I can get a suitable and professional reply from you.

Thank You and Best regards!