I think that greater support should be given to TeXmacs


Actually, a lot of bugs which are easily fixed are left unconfirmed:


TeXmacs is a new and amazing piece of software, with the potential to become a standard for the production of scientific papers. Among other things, it provides a neat and consistent interface to several mathematical packages, both proprietary, such as Mathematica, Matlab, MuPAD and Maple, and open source, such as Maxima, R, Octave and others. Production-quality graphs may be easily obtained by opening parallel sessions of any of these packages and moving them to the editor window. TeXmacs unites the versatility of Emacs as an interface with external programs with a graphical engine which allows to create complex documents containing LaTeX and PostScript and to render them in real time, without the need for a "preview" window. The combination of these qualities is, I think, unique and truly innovative.

Unfortunately, at least half of the available plugins (for instance those for Mathematica, Maple, Maxima) are broken in Ubuntu Edgy. I think that not only bugs in the distribution should be fixed, but that more visibility should be given to TeXmacs, for instance giving the user the choice to install it as a default editor. At the moment, TeXmacs does not even appear consistently in the Gnome menu (it appears among the Accessories when the right place should be Office) and the texmacs Mime type is not recognized by Gnome, so one can not even open TeXmacs documents by clicking on them (I think there is no such problem instead with KDE, but Ubuntu is mainly Gnome-based and this is a bug that should be fixed).