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Thread: HOWTO: ipw2200 + wpa

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    Re: HOWTO: ipw2200 + wpa

    Hi -

    Got this finally to work on Edgy on my T43. I followed the steps as directed here, but there was a key step missing from the steps here that didn't allow me to load the new driver. I had to unload the modules for ieee80211 and ieee80211_crypt to get the new ipw2200 to load. This was the cause of all my 'unknown symbol' errors. You can unload the modules via this:

    rmmod ieee80211
    rmmod ieee80211_crypt

    When I run 'modprobe ipw2200' I don't get errors and it loads fine. Also, there is no /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware directory in Edgy. Just copy the files to /lib/firmware instead.

    Hope this helps,

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    Smile Re: HOWTO: ipw2200 + wpa

    I've tried several times to install firmware. The first time I got the first line in and hit enter and it asked for a password. Every attempt after that it tells me "error" it cannot open the directory.
    In need of help.


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    Re: HOWTO: ipw2200 + wpa

    Very nice HOWTO.
    No frills, simple and just works on my fujitsu T3010d ..... thanks!

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    Re: HOWTO: ipw2200 + wpa

    I guess this is what I get for trying to help someone.

    I'm trying to install the stupid wireless card on this stupid laptop for my friend who is going out of town for business.

    I've read about 50 pages of instructions from you people, none of them were completely helpful, it just jumps to another page where I start over with a bunch more useless commands. I am seriously considering taking my shotgun to stupid thing and telling my friend the dog ate it.

    I have the drivers. How do I install them???? Can anyone answer this, or you just skip that part to **** people off? The drivers are in my download folder. Terminal apparently does not know where the hell that is, so how do I tell it to look there?

    Please don't guess, I only have a few more attempts before I completely lose my temper.

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