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I wasn't trying to enable WPA but I had an occasional loss of wireless connectivity and I was getting an error in my logs about firmware. A Google search hit this thread.

I figured, I don't want WPA but it looks like I can upgrade my firmware and ieee80211 subsystem and hope that fixes my problems. Well, I went through the process and it broke my wireless. On reboot my wireless (Eth1) doesn't show up and if I double click my 'Network Connection' icon I get a "No such device" error. I repeated the process to no avail.
Well, after some hair pulling and trial and troubleshooting I managed to get it working. A 'dmesg' had a spew of errors for iee80211 so I repeated the process using ieee80211-1.1.8 instead of ieee80211-1.1.9. I used the process here...


It appears to be very similar to the initial post so it probably was just using the 1.1.8 instead of 1.1.9. Just thought I'd mention it.