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I completely removed the old drivers and firmware and installed all of the new stuff. Here's the errors that I'm getting:
Hi MokeyWrench,

I have the exact same errors when using the 2.3 fw/ 1.04 driver combination when setting the Wireless network device to static IP (which I prefer because I use my laptop at home only and it's faster at boottime since there is no waiting for an answer from the DHCP server involved).

Switching to DHCP leaves me with a dead connection after boot (Wifi card not assoiciated with AP). Only after I disable and enable the driver with a modprobe -r and a subsequent modprobe I manage to get a connection, but only for a very short time. After that de connection is dead again.

I went back to driver 1.03 which does not give me these problems. Maybe I will give 1.04 another try tomorrow. I might also try to use the 2.3 fw with the 1.03 driver if possible to see what that gives (I already verified the fw 2.2 / driver 1.04 combination does not work).

Anyway, I really would like to have static IP functioning again since it's fast an reliable.