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Thread: usb/pci adsl modems.

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    usb/pci adsl modems.

    what's with the growing trend (particularly in europe i've noticed) for isp's to supply dsl modems which:
    1) only allows one computer to be connected.
    2) only works in windows.
    3) provides crappy/slow/unreliable internet service.

    it it merely a least cost option? and do these isp's offer an alternative when their cheap *** equipment doesn't work on the user's pc?

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    Re: usb/pci adsl modems.

    It's probably a cost thing seeing most isp's simply give the crap away when you sign up.

    Over here we pay for all version but atleast the customer has a choice of a usb modem or an ethernet router which obviously costs more.

    I would just buy my own...


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