I opened up a thread in the Backyard just to let people know that changes are about to happen in Sweden politically. It quickly turned into a communism vs capitalism thread. To some extent it was interesting, but too many people are just being hard-headed mean-spirited not interested in discussing the topic, only in throwing junk at others.

I don't want to encourage the type of debate that has been taking over this thread to a large extent. I would be interested in this debate if it was argumentative techniques trying to pry the scales in favor of one or the other, but now people are starting to say "you're stupid so you're wrong" (well, not quite yet, but it's getting there) and that is just not fun for anyone. Also, the manner of posting makes everything very hard to read, not that this in itself would be a reason to close the thread, just adding to my complaints about the development of things.

So, could you please just close the thread or maybe put it somewhere with lots of heavy moderation (unrealistic of course)? The purpose of the thread was never a capitalism vs communism topic anyway.