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Sorry for the long delay mhancoc7 in thanking you for your generosity! Many thanks for your help. i have been tweaking and contorting my system again, thus, another reinstall. installed CE again and now enjoying it. Methinks i will keep everything and go ahead and do as you and honda suggested (though the firewall and AV i will tweak later).
Hopefully i can contribute in the near future. i have migrated completely to linux . Ne'ertheless i still have to dual-boot as my wife says she had enough problems with Windows (she runs an OS at work and is also the computer she cut her teeth with so she will be hard to convince) i love this system and hoping to learn a lot while on this journey. Again thanks for the wonderful work you (as well as others in each and all forums) have done to make this experience an enjoyable one. =D> . Will chat again in the near future (i couldn't help the emoticons couldn't find a bowing one)
Thanks and no problem. I am still trying to convince my wife as well.