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Thread: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    For the server I say free BSD is the way to go, but for the desktop Ubuntu clearly wins.
    If you want a unix like system that is easy to use, great for multimedia, and free then ubuntu is the better choice.
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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    It's easier to undestand how FreeBSD is organized and where
    the config files are, in Linux configuration files are more spread out
    and different distributions have different files and in different spots.

    You can sort of understand the whole FreeBSD system easier.

    It's a bit harder to set up FreeBSD at first, but with a little
    work it's just fine for a desktop system.

    It's easier to keep a FreeBSD system up to date after the install.

    When you install FreeBSD it's not much configured at all and you
    have to start tweaking the configuration files, this is good or
    bad depending on you.

    I like it because you get the system setup just the way you like.
    Usually the Linuxes are configured in way you may not understand at all.

    That's why I don't like Gnome much it seems to get into everything
    once it's put on a computer.

    Either Linux or FBSD are good OS's, it just depends on mostly what
    you prefer, I like the BSD license better than the GPL also, it's simple
    and uncomplicated.

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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    I will use BSD if I come with GNOME pre-installed. As long as I know PC-BSD is KDE same goes with Desktop-BSD. So, unless someone give me BSD with GNOME, I will never use any BSD OS. I love GNOME very much(plus some KDE apps.).

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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    I do like Gnome better than KDE though, KDE is just too much.

    Too flashy, it's also very bloated and can get sluggish at times.

    It shouldn't be too difficult to set up Gnome on FreeBSD.

    I'd prefer to see a light desktop FreeBSD distribution, I'm learning more
    about FreeBSD and what it would take to put such a distribution together.
    With an easy install, like a PC-BSD but with Xfce or maybe the Rox desktop would be nice too, Rox desktop is very Unix oriented.

    I've not had any success install Rox desktop on FreeBSD, but Xfce was not
    so difficult. ( I'm getting alot of Python errors when I try to
    run rox-session)

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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    I have tried installing FreeBSD several times but my mice are not recognized, whether wireless or wired. I may try again as I'm certainly curious about the distro.

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    Re: Ok now FreeBSD vs. Ubuntu :)

    This thread seems to have been resurrected two times. If you wish to continue this debate then it is recommended that you create a new thread to keep things clean.

    This thread is closed.
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