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Thread: Howto install Crystal Window Manager

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    Howto install Crystal Window Manager

    I am writing this from crystal (fvwm based) it is a light an nice window manager.

    The package is now in Edgy (universe), all you need is to enable universe repository and execute:

    sudo apt-get install fvwm-crystal

    Then logout and change the session when you login again. If you do not have Edgy, or want to try a newer version, execute the following in a terminal (you may want to change the version number to the latest one).

    sudo apt-get install fvwm python imagemagick rox-filer\
     xscreensaver trayer gksu aterm habak mpd mpc
    tar xvzf fvwm-crystal-3.0.4.tar.gz
    cd fvwm-crystal-3.0.4
    sudo make install
    sudo cp addons/fvwm-crystal.desktop /usr/share/xsessions/
    To findo out more:
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