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Thread: Your PIC; Edubuntu or Windows?

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    Your PIC; Edubuntu or Windows?

    Yes PIC, as in Personal Internet Communicator. A PIC is an inexpensive computer created by AMD, running a stripped down version of Windows CE. Now, 2 years after its initial release, there is a second-generation of the PIC available and the Computer and Peripheral Testing Laboratory, in the Thailand Science Park near Bangkok University, has successfully booted an OLPC image of Edubuntu on one.
    Head on over to and read the entire article. Interested in further reading and specifications, then check out the OLPC Thailand Wiki Page.


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    PIC - Is a very simple processor but anyhow people has used it to create the smallest webserver. The PIC is good for creating an interface between sensor or other limited devices and a serial port.
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