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Thread: Microsoft Sets Price on Vista

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    Re: Microsoft Sets Price on Vista

    Quote Originally Posted by _simon_ View Post
    If people think they have to upgrade to Vista to stay current (like my parents do) then Vista will fly off the shelves.

    My parents know of Linux through me, but they aren't interested. Windows is a big, well known brand that they have used for many years and they aren't prepaired to even try Linux.

    In fact they won't try open source at all, they are going to be forking out on the new MS Office as well even though OpenOffice is more than adequate for their needs - again they won't even try it even though I sent them screenshots in an email to show them it looks like the MS equivalent.

    When people believe they have to get something, price won't be an issue.
    My parents don't NEED Vista, they have XP but they seem to think they must have it when it comes out.
    I draw to memory a time when a whole population somewhere in the middle of Europe believed that they had to massexecute certain people because of so called "rase" - the correct rase being the one that there were most of in that country.

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    Re: Microsoft Sets Price on Vista

    Sorry to correct you but it's "race" not "rase".

    I was very confused there for a few seconds!

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