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Thread: A liquid flow editor and something like Ares & Isis?

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    A liquid flow editor and something like Ares & Isis?

    My Dad requires two packages in order for Ubuntu (Linux) to be any use to him, first is something for doing calculations on flows of liquid, i.e. something like fluid flow (doesn't need to be too advanced, but does need ease of use!)

    The second is a PCB design package similar to Ares & Isis? I use this as an example because thats what he uses and particularly likes the ease of use (Simulation & Design done in the same GUI) ability to simply drag circuit lines where you want them and it draw them for you i.e. drag in a diagonal line and it'll make a path of vertical and horizontal lines to that point?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for either of these? It doesn't have to be in the repos, I can probably compile it from source if necessary.

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