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Thread: Need help building .debs for applet

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    Need help building .debs for applet

    I've written a wireless configuration applet ( and would like to get it deb-packaged to make it easier to install. It's written in Python, and it provides a GTK/GNOME interface to configure wireless network connections: displaying a list of available networks, storing WEP keys, etc.

    Currently, the applet uses a Python-based install script. I've read some HOWTOs on Debian packaging, but they seem to be Debian-specific and compiled-language-specific. I don't have a makefile, and I'm intending to distribute for Ubuntu.

    If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to see my app become a part of the stock Ubuntu distro - I believe that it could be a boon for usability.

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    Re: Need help building .debs for applet

    Google for the debian new maintainers guide.

    Look on the wiki for the MOTU (masters of the universe) and how to contribute.

    Also, there is a nice page about making packages without debhelper (by hand) from debian women. You can google for that. It is a good read.


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