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Thread: Unable to upgrade Ubuntu 22.04

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    Re: [SOLVED] Re: Unable to upgrade Ubuntu 22.04

    Interesting. I have a fetish about computer time and timezones. Can't explain it. Since all our systems actually use UTC internally, and use the TZ variable just for humans to be convenient, maybe for your servers, it would be a good idea to set them all the UTC to avoid the next wild-hair that happens?
    Of course, every user/daemon can have their own TZ environment variable set which should be honored for all display of local times. OTOH, that's just pushing the issue to the users instead of handling it server-wide.

    Anyway, did all the other packages install/update now? I see the thread is SOLVED, but ....

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    Re: Unable to upgrade Ubuntu 22.04

    Yeah, everything went through. So I just went and changed the puppet hiera parameter to timezone::timezone: 'Europe/Stockholm' and allowed it to propagate to all our hosts. After that, I had no issues upgrading the tzdata package on the rest of our 22.04 machines. All is good now.

    Thanks for sticking with me through this. It was actually a bit of a funny coincident, just after I had started playing with the timezone stuff myself in vagrant, and found the solution, I came back to write about it, and noticed you had suggested the same thing in your edit of post 7.

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