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Thread: Network connection over mobile phone / USB cable

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    Network connection over mobile phone / USB cable

    I just reinstalled Ubuntu on a NUC 10 and since it’s 3 years since I did it last I can’t remember how to set up internet access over USB cable to my mobile phone.

    Clicking top right corner of menu bar it says USB Ethernet connected , menu under that says > set to Wired Connection .

    under that I click settings > network , PCI Ethernet is set to off , USB Ethernet settings are ;
    IPv6 address fe80::e159:d566:d8a7: etc etc
    hardware address E2:e159 etc etc
    DNS blank

    The option box under IPv4 has options for automatic DHCP , Manual , Link local only which should I be using ???

    connect automatically ticked.

    VPN not set

    network proxy - automatic

    If I open Mozilla and click on top right > Preferences > scroll to bottom > Network Settings > configure how Firefox connects to the internet > settings > I get options of ;

    Configure proxy access to the internet.
    No proxy
    auto-detect proxy settings for this network.
    use system proxy settings
    manual proxy configuration

    should anything be ticked in the above ?

    at the bottom of that page is an option to tick of proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5

    any pointers for me ?


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    Re: Network connection over mobile phone / USB cable

    Your phone should provide DHCP for tethering. If not, you'll have to specify a local IP address to connect with.

    You don't need to worry about proxy settings in the browser for this.

    What phone are you using? What operating system is it running?

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    Re: Network connection over mobile phone / USB cable

    The phone is IPhone 12 with latest v17 ? OS

    The phone connected perfectly well as an online service with the settings it has prior to reinstalling Ubuntu , I don’t recall using an IP address last time I set it up ...


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