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Thread: The new Ubuntu installer is truly Flutter

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    The new Ubuntu installer is truly Flutter

    In 1/3 of the cases I run into serious problems with the new Flutter installer, that installer is truly flutter!! The Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.10 install just hangs during the Virtualbox VM install at a 75% CPU load on my Ryzen 3 2200G and all disk IO just stopped. I tried it during 3 weeks with new downloads and always with the same result and I tried many different settings! I had the same problem with some of the 24.04 and 24.10 installs of the flavors. Please switch back to the old installer, that one always worked. I do not care about useless appearances, I want a working installer with a real progress bar instead of a something resembling lightning strikes. I reported the bug during the 24.04 development period, but it does not seem to have any priority.
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    Re: The new Ubuntu installer is truly Flutter

    I forget which distro it was, but I find that text-based installers are much easier.
    The graphical ones always fail or have wierd quirks, wrong filesizes, wrong permissions, etc.
    Some of them even ignore the user's choices.

    I never had any problems with the text based installers.
    I wish Cannonical and Ubuntu would let go of the typical GUI junk.
    We need good results not eye candy.


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