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Thread: 22.04 Media Thumbnails not displayed anymore

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    22.04 Media Thumbnails not displayed anymore

    So, recently, not quite sure since when, Thumbnails in Nautilus stopped being displayed as usual, most likely due to an update?

    I have done this:

    sudo apt install ffmpegthumbnailer
    And this:

    Press Ctrl+H, enter into the folder named .cache. Then enter in the folder thumbnails.
    Delete everything in there. Restart your PC.
    Thumbnails for videos are back, but my local mp3 music files are still not showing thumbnails, which I have added manually over time using Ear Tag.

    Edit: I think this is in the wrong category. Marking as Solved and riposting in Desktop Environments.
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    Re: 22.04 Media Thumbnails not displayed anymore

    if the files are webp's those are kinda fussy. you might have to download some other tools to get those to show up.
    i've been having troubles with those. sorry i dont know much about this topic

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