Well, thanks for the responses,

I have been working in micros before the Z80 came out. What fun. I have many projects stored to CD and DVDs, of course, that started years later. I CAN still read those CDs no problem. They work fine for me, but I do use thumb drives for short term tasks. Ubuntu 22 LTS did not have this problem. 23 (.10?) did not have this problem. I loaded my sata ssd with 22.04 LTS in my new Ryzen machine . It has no problem recognizing blank CDs, DVDs. It also writes to them. Something is funny with 24.04 LTS with regard to this problem. Yes I like 24.04.

Booted using my sata ssd 22.04, I wrote my ISO for Clonezilla onto CD. This machine, this hardware. The hardware is fine. Anyway, hope they get the bug fixed soon. Thanks for the attempts to resolve this issue.