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Thread: Is Dropbox supported on Ubuntu 24.04

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    Is Dropbox supported on Ubuntu 24.04

    Recently upgraded to 24.04 and I find the dropbox icon doesn't work. Nothing happens when I press it. sudo apt upgrade dropbox fails, says it doesn't know dropbox. Yet the underlying functionality of dropbox still seems to work. I wanted to get in there to see why Dropbox was asking me to upgrade since all my allowed device slots were used. This required the application. Couldn't get it done on Ubuntu, had to use my IPhone.

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    Re: Is Dropbox supported on Ubuntu 24.04

    The package is nautilus-dropbox

    So try:
    sudo apt --reinstall install nautius-dropbox
    May help. You could also uninstall the package, remove the config file for the application, then reinstall it to get vanilla settings. You can then apply your account info again

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