Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 842 for the week of May 26 - June 1, 2024.
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In this Issue

  • Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board restaffing
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • Hot in Support
  • Ubuntu Malaysia Release Party: Celebrating Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
  • UbuCon Asia 2024 - International participants registration deadline
  • UbuCon Asia 2024 - Conference Schedule
  • Ubuntu Packaging Workshop 2024 @Busan
  • Ubuntu at DevConf.US - Boston, USA, August 14th - 16th
  • LoCo Events
  • Requesting Ubuntu Developers to be included in the JetBrains Developer Recognition Program - good idea or bad idea?
  • Community engagement
  • Other Community News
  • Canonical News
  • In the Blogosphere
  • Other Articles of Interest
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Meeting Reports
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, 23.10, and 24.04
  • And much more!

General Community News

Call for nominations: Developer Membership Board restaffing

Robie Basak on behalf of the Ubuntu Technical Board tells us three seats have recently expired, with four more set to expire on June 16, 2024; consequently this is a call for nominations to fill all seven seats. This post outlines what the requirements and responsibilities of the seats are, how the process of election will be run, and how to submit nominations.


Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open: 144365 (+37)
  • Critical: 311 (-3)
  • Unconfirmed: 72871 (-45)

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad


  • German: 86.64% (46899/94)
  • Ukrainian: 85.74% (50040/1192)
  • French: 83.70% (57201/7167)
  • Swedish: 78.48% (75550/2274)
  • Spanish: 76.40% (82838/4860)

Hot in Support

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions

Ask (and answer!) questions at: https://askubuntu.com/

Ubuntu Forums Top 5 Threads

Find more support at: https://ubuntuforums.org/

LoCo News

Ubuntu Malaysia Release Party: Celebrating Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Piju 9M2PJU tells us the Ubuntu Malaysia community held a release party for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on May 25, 2024. This post is a report of that event, which includes photos,and details of the keynote given by Mark Shuttleworth and more.


UbuCon Asia 2024 - International participants registration deadline

Youngbin Han, for UbuCon Asia 2024, provides us with the registration deadline details for International participants: June 7, 2024 (5:45 AM) UTC. Numerous links are provided for more details.


UbuCon Asia 2024 - Conference Schedule

Muhd Syazwan Md Khusaini gives the schedule for UbuCon Asia 2024, which will run from August 31 through September 2, 2024, at Jaipur India. This post highlights significant dates which includes the International participants registration deadline, Conference days & group tour, as well as providing links to engage with the event.


Ubuntu Packaging Workshop 2024 @Busan

Youngwook Choo (choo121600), on behalf of the Ubuntu Korea community, gives notice the Ubuntu Packaging Workshop will be held in Busan on July 6th ! Youngwook advises the event is focused on Snaps, where you will "learn the process through hands-on practice". Event details are provided.


Ubuntu at DevConf.US - Boston, USA, August 14th - 16th

Jason C. Nucciarone gives us details of a Ubuntu community booth at DevConf.US at Boston MA, USA 2024. We're told Jason along with Aaron Prisk will be staffing the booth, but additional help is welcome. Details on how to express interest in this are provided. We're also told of two talks given by Jason at the event.


LoCo Events

The following LoCo team events are currently scheduled in the next two weeks:

Looking beyond the next two weeks? Visit the respective LoCo Team calendar to browse upcoming events.

Please see:

The Hub

Requesting Ubuntu Developers to be included in the JetBrains Developer Recognition Program - good idea or bad idea?

Aaron Rainbolt starts by telling us he likes the JetBrains IDEs, and really likes a plugin that he cannot afford, but hopes that this idea may help it become available for many for free. Aaron gives us some details of JetBrains and their coding tools, and discusses some limitations on the free products. In this context he introduces the Developer Recognition program, and suggests that Ubuntu MOTUs be treated the same as other recognized communities to facilitate access to the JetBrains IDE.


Community engagement

Graham Morrison tells us that "Ubuntu Core is an open source project hosted by Canonical". This post gives details of where code can be found, project contributions, mentions of the documentation and engineering teams, plus links to where Ubuntu Core team members can be found. This is a Ubuntu Core doc, furthering Ubuntu documentation.


Other Community News

Opt Green: KDE Eco's New Sustainable Software Project

Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss tells us about KDE Eco's new initiative Opt Green "Sustainable Software For Sustainable Hardware". Starting with details of where the idea was 'inspired' from, we are given details of the initiative, and the problems software advancements are causing in environmental harm. We are asked if we're ready to join in the fight to combat e-waste via free software, with links & contact details provided.


Canonical News

In the Blogosphere

Ubuntu 24.10 setzt auf Wayland für NVIDIA-Benutzer

Ferdinand Thommes reminds us Ubuntu 17.10 switched to Wayland, alas due to problems Ubuntu 18.04 LTS had returned to Xorg. The next move to Wayland was Ubuntu 21.04, though with an exception for Nvidia users. We're told this will change with Ubuntu 24.10, with Wayland the default for all users. Some links, plus quote from Oliver Smith (Ubuntu 24.10 Roadmap) are included. [Summary written from online translation]


Real-Time Kernel Now Available On Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Michael Larabel writes that Canonical have announced the availability of the real-time "RT" kernel for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, available for Ubuntu Pro customers. We're given details which include it being the Linux 6.8 kernel, with all "PREEMPT_RT" patches applied, and is available for amd64 and arm64 architectures. Links for more details are provided.


GNOME 46.2 Released with Various Improvements and Bug Fixes

Marius Nestor tells us about the improvements in the GNOME 46.2 "Kathmandu" release. We're walked through various improvements and bug fixes in the release. We're told to upgrade our systems when we can.


NetworkManager 1.48 Improves Detection of 6 GHz Band Capability for Wi-Fi Devices

Marius Nestor updates us on the NetworkManager 1.48 release. Along with some details of the improvements in this release, we're also told this is the first release setting "StateReason" property of the D-Bus object when a device is unmanaged. Links, including to the source tarball, are provided.


Wine 9.10 Released With Upgrade To VKD3D 1.12, Brings DPI Awareness Improvements

Michael Larabel reports the release of Wine 9.10, giving us some details, links for more, including the link to the official release detail on WineHQ GitLab.


Other Articles of Interest

Featured Audio and Video

Ubuntu Security Podcast: Episode 229

"As the podcast winds down for a break over the next month, this week we talk about RSA timing side-channel attacks and the recently announced DNSBomb vulnerability as we cover security updates in VLC, OpenSSL, Netatalk, WebKitGTK, amavisd-new, Unbound, Intel Microcode and more."


Ubuntu Portugal Podcast: Episode 301 - Carga Pronta nos Contentores

"Depois da euforia e baderna dos 300 episódios, entrámos finalmente na normalidade quotidiana e banal: falámos de Taylor Swift no Centro Linux; a carga pronta metida nos contentores LXC / adeus aos meus ProxMox que me vou; voltámos ao passado com saudade para lembrar o OLPC (Um Portátil Por Criança); routers de viagem seguros Nitrowall e GL-Inet Mango; Mário Soares, Xutos e Pontapés e triciclos Piaggio em 1986; coisas novas do roteiro do Ubuntu 24.10 com muita cera e escovas e os perigos da diferença de pronúncia inglesa entre ch e sh."


Meeting Reports

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Times shown are UTC unless otherwise specified. For more details and farther dates please visit: https://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ | https://discourse.ubuntu.com/upcoming-events

Updates and Security for Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, 23.10, and 24.04

Security Updates

Ubuntu 20.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2025

Ubuntu 22.04 Updates

End of Standard Support: April 2027

Ubuntu 23.10 Updates

End of Life: July 2024

Ubuntu 24.04 Updates

End of standard support: April 2029


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