Most other questions I find relating to dual monitors are how to mirrors or expand. I'm curious if Ubuntu can do a mix of mirroring and expanding. I'll try my best to explain:

My second monitor faces away from and towards others so I can not see it. I'm aware I can have it mirror what is on my main monitor but what I would like it to have it only Mirror my 2nd workspace.
This would allow me to keep what I have on my main monitor, workspace 1, hidden from others, while easily switching over to my 2nd workspace and adjusting what others see without having to turn it to face me.

Another way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish

Workspace 1 - Displays only on monitor 1

Workspace 2 - Always displays on monitor 2


Monitor 1 - Can switch between Workspace 1 & 2

Monitor 2 - Always displays Workspace 2 no matter what monitor 1 is displaying

Thank you in advice for any help, even if it is "that's not possible"