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Thread: Ubuntu 24.04 6th Monitor Not Working [SOLVED]

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    Ubuntu 24.04 6th Monitor Not Working [SOLVED]

    Figured I'd post my solution if it helps others.

    I have an
    ASROCK Livemixer Z790 (1 DP + 1 HDMI builtin ports)
    NVIDIA GTX 4060 (3 DP + 1 HDMI)

    for total of 6 monitor ports

    Pluggin in the 6th Monitor would cause the desktop to glitch out, turning everything white, regardless of any combo of ports used...
    I read around on other forums which were talking about Nvidia BaseMosaic only able to handle up to 5 monitors, but none of the suggestions helped.
    Eventually I stumbled on an NVIDIA config that solved my problem, which I did not find amidst my reading, so figured I'd post here to help the next person

    so to get all monitors working I did

    $ nvidia-settings
    then click on "PRIME Profiles" then click "NVIDIA Performance Mode"

    hope that helps
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