I have just upgraded from 23.11 to 24.04 and I have found that I had to manually reinstall PHP 8.3 from the private repository, and reapply multiple changes to the default php.ini before I could run a web server. In particular there were no configuration files in mods-available for PHP8.3 and no php links in mods-enabled. Is that the way it is supposed to work? I get really nervous when I am asked to add a private repository. After all one of the reasons for using Ubuntu is precisely to obtain the curated repository. I am running PHP8.3 on the test copy of my web-site precisely to ensure that my code is compatible both with PHP8.2 on the production site in preparation for the retirement of PHP8.2.

At the least I believe that the 24.04 installation tool should copy all of the PHP configuration including the .ini files and the enabled subsystems from the existing system, not write over it with defaults without permission.