Sometimes, the screen blanks. And it never wakes up. I have to power button it off. It takes no keyboard or mouse input. ctn+alt+F3 (etc) does not start a VT. This is with two systems; my desktop and my laptop. I have removed the screen saver and simply use the power manager (display tab) but no change.

Power manager (system tab) has "Suspend" as the only option for the System sleep mode. But it is configured for Never "When inactive for'. Although current unchecked for "Lock screen when system is going to sleep", I would like the screen to lock when it blanks after 25 minutes.

One thing that is annoying is that "Blank after", "Put to sleep after" and "Switch off after" are not able to be disabled or enabled individually. I would like blank, but not sleep or switch off. (btw "switch off" is a stupid name, and should be "power off")

I'm about to roll back to a previous release or change distro completely, but I thought I'd ask for advice here first.