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Thread: Bootable USB for Windows 10

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    Re: Bootable USB for Windows 10

    I think that is in reference to the actual download so if you don't download within 24 hours again, you apparently need to start over.

    More info on it. As I understand, you need to buy a license if you do not have one as that information is not on the iso.

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    Re: Bootable USB for Windows 10

    Thanks yancek and gezzer2 for info and links - very useful.
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    Re: Bootable USB for Windows 10

    Oddly to my way of thinking, neither the install nor the running of Windows 10/11 requires a license. Most machines these days come with a Microsoft digital license on the motherboard, so after an install, you may find that the system has actually been activated (all the license offers you). Supposedly, after a trial period, the background turns blue with a reminder to activate, but all patches are available. I forced a Win 11 install on two old underconfigured laptops, and both picked up the activation automatically from previous W10 activation. One I even upgraded to W11 pro with a win7 pro key off the bottom of a blown laptop (which never actually ran w7, it was immediately upgraded to W8. I keep a W11 VM around, never do much except apply patches, have never activated it, and never had it go blue background on me. The cheap $30-$40 w11 pro licenses you see advertised are supposedly scraped off old machines, or from bulk OEM licenses, or just a total scam that you have difficulty canceling -- do you feel lucky?

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