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Thread: Domain Logon Samba 22.04 error

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    Domain Logon Samba 22.04 error

    Created a ubuntu dc with Samba 4 on Ubuntu 22.04.
    Followed the steps here:
    Able to add user to the system and no errors during configuration.
    Created a standard Ubuntu 22.04 test server

    Test Server can't discover with: realm discover
    output: No default domain received via DHCP or given by hostname
    realm: No default realm discovered

    but running: realm discover --verbose returns the below.
    * resolving:
    * No results:
    type: kerberos
    configured: kerberos-member
    serversoftware: active-directory
    client-software: sssd
    required-package: sssd-tools
    required-package: sssd
    required-package: libnss-sss
    required-package: libpam-sss
    required-package: adclit
    required-package: samba-common-bin
    login-policy: allow-realm-logins

    I can joins with: sudo realm join -U Administrator IPaddress.
    Can ping. DC and test server have manual IPs (Address, Netmask; No Gateway, No DNS set)

    running nslookup on the test server: nslookup returns:

    Address: ip of dcserver

    No firewall are running on test server or DC.

    I don't have a DNS server setup. Just testing a ubuntu dc option. Shouldn't I be able to log on with ? I tried all sort of logon formats but i can't logon on the domain on the test server. any ideas what I'm missing?

    The log on error I'm getting (on test server, trying to log on to domain) is:
    Sorry, password authentication did work.
    Please try again.
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    Re: Domain Logon Samba 22.04 error

    resolved it...

    I had to edit the /etc/resolv.conf accordingly and point to the dc

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    Re: Domain Logon Samba 22.04 error

    Not a chat thread. Thread moved to Server Platforms.
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    Re: Domain Logon Samba 22.04 error

    SO as I suspected, it is a DNS error? Where the DNS is not seeing your Samba DC... by a named service but can see it via IP.

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