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Thread: become temporary root?

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    become temporary root?

    i am running Ubuntu 24.04 and have tried to open Synaptic package manager and failed at each and every attempt because it requires an administrator password which i don't have. Could someone help me please. I only want to become "root" on a temporary basis and not permanently. How could i be added to the sudoers list?

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    Re: become temporary root?

    If in terminal you run command:

    man sudo

    you can read the option

    sudo -H

    -H, --set-home
    Request that the security policy set the HOME environment
    variable to the home directory specified by the target user's
    password database entry. Depending on the policy, this may
    be the default behavior.

    Thus run ..

    sudo -H synaptic

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    Re: become temporary root?

    it requires an administrator password which i don't have
    If you are in the sudo group, it's just your user password that's needed - the same one you use to login to your user session.
    If you are the only user of the computer, you should already be in that group.
    You can also check with 'groups' command in the terminal. Is 'sudo' among the output results?

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    Re: become temporary root?

    +1 ---

    If your password does not work to enable Synaptic to do anything, then you are not in the sudoers file, and you do not have the rights and privileges to elevate permissions to install system wide packages... Yes.

    That is how things are designed to work.
    groups | grep 'sudo'
    Does that show you are in the sudo group?

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