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Thread: Question about rule about AI-generated content

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    Question about rule about AI-generated content

    The Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct says
    Spam We consider spam to be any post or message that dilutes the quality of the content of this forum with irrelevant, misleading, or unnecessary material. Spam is likely to be removed from public view ... Spam includes:

    ... AI-generated text such as from ChatGPT, if the post consists substantially of AI-generated content, whether the AI source is attributed or not. For more on our stance regarding the use of AI for support, see our Posting Guidelines, here
    Knowing this rule exists, I was shocked to find a totally irrelevant AI-generated "answer" on a thread I started recently, especially coming from a member who has a history of giving constructive answers. As the post's only substantive content is that AI-generated answer, I reported it, noting its irrelevance and asking if it was as blatant a violation of the Code of Conduct as it looks like. Figured either the post would be removed, or I would receive a PM from forum staff explaining why the post is OK.

    A few days later, the post is still there, I haven't received any PM, and there is no sign in the thread that any moderation of the post happened?

    I'm concerned that leaving that post alone might interfere with getting a real answer to that thread. On the other hand, that post is not the only AI-generated-answer post I've seen here that appears to have been left alone by staff, which makes me wonder if the rules about AI-generated content have changed to be more relaxed since that Code of Conduct snippet was written? Was reporting that post uncalled for?

    Could someone from forum staff please clarify what is the current actual rule about AI-generated content? In particular, how the linked post does or doesn't fit into the current rules?

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    Re: Question about rule about AI-generated content

    Thanks for your interest.

    I think the only AI generated text in that post is the sentence, "The terms of use for Xfce can be found in the openEuler documentation," inside the quote box. You've included the link to our posting guidelines in your quote from the CoC, which enlarges upon what is said in the CoC, where you will see we do allow partial quotes of AI text so long as the poster doesn't pass this off as their own work.

    The link in the post is simply the OpenEuler Xfce user guide. Presumably the terms of use are buried somewhere in the guide. Google also seems to think that the terms of use are on that very page, but I can't find them. So, I agree that the post is not particularly helpful; therefore I will remove it from your thread as soon as I've posted this.

    In summary, this is not an example of the blatant and unattributed AI text spam that we are having to deal with on multiple occasions each day, and which prompted the modification of our spam rules to cover AI spam, but merely an example of an established forum member trying to use AI to illuminate their post (which is allowed), but not expressing themselves at all clearly.

    Thanks for your report, and sorry that it had not been dealt with before this.

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