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Thread: Regarding lack of HTTPS support

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    Regarding lack of HTTPS support

    Regarding the lack of HTTPS support for Ubuntu, how can we address security concerns and ensure the integrity of downloaded files from the "" domain? Is there a recommended verification process in such cases?

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    Re: Regarding lack of HTTPS support

    One assumes you are trying to complain about vulnerability to a man-in-the-middle attack from an http (not https) apt mirror.

    1. There are https mirrors. You are welcome to use one of those. See for the list.

    2. The "recommended verification process" is to use apt. Apt will warn you if a package has unexpected size, wrong hash, or other suspicious characteristics. The Debian apt+repository system of automatically verifying each downloaded package is over 25 years old. It existed before https. It was (and is) secure without https.


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