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Thread: Live Image on a Mac

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    Live Image on a Mac

    Folks, I am a fairly experienced Linux user, have run numerous distros as installations or via LIVE USB systems.

    I have never used a Mac machine and am wondering; can a system on a USB run on a Mac? I have no idea as to a Mac BIOS, can it boot to a USB device?

    Reason for enquiry, I'm trying to get a friend in a different Country to me to try Linux on an external USB so that she can experience Linux before she switches due to Windows 11 issues on some devices and an old Mac OS on another.

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    Re: Live Image on a Mac

    It depends on the MAC hardware, and how old you are saying.

    All that MAC requires to boot from a USB, is that it it "partitioned as GPT"... <-- That is a MAC hardware requirement. ...Be EFI, and be either Intel CPU based or ARM based (later M1 & M2's). Though, there are still images built for the old PPC CPU.

    I have an Old 2007 MacBook with an Intel Core2 Duo that I run current Ubuntu on.
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