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Thread: Ubuntu 24.04: speakers audio working but headphone

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    Ubuntu 24.04: speakers audio working but headphone

    I installed Ubuntu 24.04 recently but I had problem in headphone audio. I tried several steps but none of them worked:

    - In sound configuration of Ubuntu, the headphone doesn't appear in selection input.
    - I also use Xubuntu 22.04, using pavucontrol that is installed by default in it, I can select the headphone and that works normally.
    - I tried to install pavucontrol and switch the headphone in selection in Ubuntu, but the sound doesn't work.
    - When I drag the slider of headphone in it, appear a sound in headphone that is the sound effect of Ubuntu audio slider, that shows that the hardware is okay suggesting that is a problem of configuration (its working in Xubuntu too as mentioned previously).
    - I became aware that Ubuntu recently changed the audio infrastructure configuration from pulseaudio to pipewire, I don't know much of them and how to configure them.
    - I tried some solutions of AskUbuntu of older Ubuntu versions, but none of them worked, I am aware that Ubuntu 24.04 was launched recently and can have errors that would be fixed in future.

    I need further assistance in order to make it work. Thank you.
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    Re: Ubuntu 24.04: speakers audio working but headphone

    I find the audio for various outputs and inputs can be adjusted using alsamixer

    The Linux Command Line at

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    Question Re: Ubuntu 24.04: speakers audio working but headphone

    Hello, @him610, nice to meet you!

    This is the sound config of my Ubuntu, the select only shows the speakers and they work but do not appear the jack input headphone:

    About alsamixer, I recorded a video showing how I configured my audio using it, is that right?
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