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Thread: Account deletion / disable

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    Account deletion / disable

    Hi, I'd like my personal info deleted and username randomised, plus also have personal details removed from these few posts:

    - when I did username change request in 2013, if you could edit to remove mention of my username, former username and my name.

    - Mention of my name and my sibling's name from terminal in this post, which was also quoted in this response:, if those details could get edited out too.

    Few other threads around with mention of my old username in quote replies if want to just go through, it's not a great deal of threads, though these are the main three to edit along with disabling / deleting information.

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    Re: Account deletion / disable

    Account disabled per Forum Data Attribution, Retention and Privacy Policy, we do not delete accounts.

    These posts you mentioned are dead and buried through 11 to 13 years of threads and posts and they have been here this long I see no reason to worry about them now and I seriously doubt anyone will ever connect you to them. An admin may have a different opinion then I do and decide to go through the posts and threads and remove them that is up to them.

    Wish you the best in your future endeavors.


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