I'm having issues with the external displays I use for my dual display setup. The setup works fine on Windows 11, but does not work on dual-boot Ubuntu 23.10 on the same laptop (HP ZBook Studio G8, RTX 3070). By "not work", I mean that one of the displays turns on for around 2 seconds, and then switches black. The second one appears to work, but with some occasional artifacts in portions of the screen, as well as switching on and off from time to time. The issue persists when only one of the displays is connected, but I'm writing this up as a single thread.

Display 1: HP E24i G4, connected via USB-C
Display 2: HP E242, connected via mini display port
In-built laptop display: Off

I tried some of the solutions listed online, such as reconnecting the displays, changing the resolution, as well as the refresh rate -- unfortunately, neither helped (it is worth noting that for both of these displays, I'm not actually able to change the refresh rate when the screen is in their native resolutions). I presume the cables are not an issue either, as they work fine with Windows.

The same laptop works perfectly fine with another display I have connected in another setup (BENQ Mobiuz 27, connected via an HP USB-C dock, with the in-built one being off as well). Also, I should note that I am using the default proprietary NVIDIA drivers, and they are up to date. When tested running games, the GPU performs on par, or better than with Windows (with the BENQ display).

This is my first time posting on the Ubuntu forums, apologies if I'm not following convention in the way I'm describing the issue. Would someone also be able to advise what logs, or additional details would be the best to provide to help resolve this issue?

Kind regards